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Computational Omics at MSU

Mission Statement

Systems approaches are now facilitated with developments in computational statistical methods, and the availability of multiple omics data as indispensable parts of modern biological research. Michigan State University has multiple faculty across colleges and departments involved in numerous ground-breaking research projects in the field ranging from systems biology in basic science to systems medicine. Our common goal is to assemble an interdisciplinary group of experts, based on our research synergies, shared mathematical approaches and collaborative projects that can collaborate and can lead MSU to becoming a leader in Systems Computational Omics.



The goal of the Systems Computational Omics working group at Michigan State University is to utilize computational and mathematical methods to:
  • Develop state-of-the-art methodology for bioinformatics and statistical omics analyses.
  • Employ systems levels analyses to describe biological systems at all scales
  • Create a platform for research collaboration not only between computational but also experimental groups
  • Develop a robust training program for our students and postdocs


To utilize the interdisciplinary computational and mathematical expertise across Michigan State University’s campuses, to enhance collaboration, development of novel methodology and provide an interactive environment making MSU a leader in computational approaches, both for research as well as training of the next generation of computational scientists.